You Want S’more? A Prequel To ‘The Sandlot’ Is Officially In The Works

the sandlot cast

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If you grew up playing baseball as a kid, The Sandlot probably has a pretty special place in your heart. Even if you never got the chance to stuff some chaw inside your mouth before vomiting over unsuspecting patrons at a town fair, it’s an incredibly relatable movie that still resonates with viewers 25 years after it first hit theaters— including the major leaguers who grew up watching it.

It’s been a busy few months for the cast of The Sandlot, who have gotten the gang back together on multiple occasions to commemorate the anniversary and share some fantastic behind-the-scenes stories— like the time Benny “The Jet” (allegedly) punched Ham in the face. One of them also recently ran into an unsuspecting fan who will probably be pretty excited by a new development: a prequel to The Sandlot is in the works.

According to Deadline, David Mickey Evans— who wrote and directed the original film— is currently working on a new script to complement his iconic creation. There aren’t any real details concerning the plot of the upcoming movie, but when you consider it’d be hard to make a direct prequel when the original cast was a bunch of preteens, it’s safe to assume it will give us some insight into the background of James Earl Jone’s character, who played in the Negro Leagues back in the days of Babe Ruth.

There are technically two sequels to The Sandlot that probably never should have been made in the first place so I’m hoping this serves as a good palate cleanser.

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