People Shared Tough Life Lessons They’ve Learned To Accept And Most Are Sad But True

Reflective Man


Life is full of lessons and can come from parents, brilliant literary minds, from cartoons about basketball and even from living with a Navy SEAL. The valuable information obtained from these lessons should be passed onto others so they too can learn without having to do the intense workouts or watch Space Jam over and over.

I’ve learned more than a few tough lessons in my four decades of life like how to move on after my marriage ended and why there’s nothing fun or funny about writing a joke a book.

A recent AskReddit post asked readers the things they’ve learned to accept in life. Most of the answers focused on the harsh truths that people don’t want to face but that we all slowly come to realize are accurate.

Here are some of the best answers from which everyone can learn a little something about life. Some are sad, some are funny, all are incredibly accurate.

“People are not always loving and loyal” – starssunmoon

“Not everyone will like you and striving to achieve that is a waste of energy.” – Chocobolatte

“Life isn’t fair and never will be.” – RNC410

“Everyone is given the same 24 hours a day. What matters is how you spend those hours.” – redditcreditt

“No one owes anyone anything, including their time.” – jerusalem_cruiser

“I am allowed to move on from the past.” – Wizard_Lore

“No matter how much you try to help someone, only they can make the decision to change. And often they won’t.” – TomIce1234

“When it comes to creative stuff: you can put your best work out there possible, but some people aren’t going to like it regardless. And that’s OK. You can’t please everybody, and so you try and give the people you can please the best experience you can.” – Portarossa

“People who have no common sense will never have common sense.” – user1343

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“I’m nobody’s #1. There’s always someone more important than me. Sucks, but I don’t mean to whine about it. It is what it is, it’s nice to at least know where I stand.” – bikesbassbeerboobs

“Even a 10-year friendship with a group of people can fall apart over bullshit.” – Jakespartan44

“People are all irrational to some degree. They will make stupid judgments and terrible decisions because they’re working from a bunch of fears and fallacies. Every single interaction you have with another person will be colored by this, and there is nothing you can do about it except be patient with them.” – SamuraiSpaceSquid

“Being ghosted sucks. A lot. Don’t be a jerk, just say bye.” – NuclearLunchDectcted

“Sometimes you are meant to lose, regardless of how hard you work. But, it’s up to you how you learn to cope with your losses.” – notagreatname

“Nobody knows anything. We just know a little bit and then work off that. People who claim to know a lot are just smoking their way through everything and hoping no one will call them out on it. Therefore, it is okay to not know stuff.” – veryfascinating

“People fucking suck.” – earthlyguy42

“You don’t always need to be someone’s teacher, helper, etc. Nothing is selfish about picking and choosing your battles.” – Midnight_Moon29

“Most people in your life come and go.” – commonvanilla

“It’s okay to not like everyone in your family. It doesn’t make you a bad person, you didn’t choose them.”  – PM_ME_FURRY_PUPPIES

“I’m not amazing and special.” – CaptainMarvel22

“People are always going to judge you, so just do what you want. Fuck ’em all.” – Pink_Flash

Did any of these truths hit close to home? Have some of your own to add? Leave your life lessons in the comments.