This is a girl letting a group of guys light her bare booty on fire

Normally, a video like this would be outside the boundaries of our coverage spectrum. But it involves a girl who willingly let a group of dudes light her bare ass on fire. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet, and it’s NSFW (but blurred because we’re classy). Proceed with caution.

The clipped GIF is below:

Rather than focus on how this is possibly in the top ten of the most dehumanizing things a group of men has done to a woman — despite how stupidly willing she may be — let’s just point and laugh at the stupidity.

If you need to see the full video, you can proceed with caution to the way more NSFW version at World Star Hip Hop. If you feel the need to recreate this video, you can point your browser to, buy an affordable Toyota car from the late 90s, and drive it off a cliff.