This Simple 3-Card Magic Trick Is About To Blow Your Damn Mind, And It’s Easy To Learn

I don’t want to spoil anything for you here. This is a mind-blowing 3-card Monty trick. Seriously, this is some next level mind-fuckery. Thankfully for you, this trick is also easily explainable and you can pull this off yourself.

3-Card Monty is a hustlers game. The idea is to keep your eyes on the Ace at all times. You place a wager that you can follow the Ace, and the dealer then shuffles the crap out of the three cards using sorcery, and in this case deception, to mask where the Ace is in the lineup of 3 cards.

So, how’d this guy pull off this batshit crazy trick? Well, as I mentioned above, he used deception. You can find a visual explanation of what the dealer was doing over on DIGG, but I’ll do my best to explain it here using words…

If you go back and watch the video again you’ll see that the dealer is fastidious in handling the 3-card and the Ace. He’s always covering up one of the corners of those two cards when showing the 3 or Ace to the player. He shows off the 2 of Clubs without any issues. He’s doing this because the 3 of Clubs and Ace of Hearts each have a false/fake corner on one of the four corners…The Ace of Hearts has one corner which shows the 3 of Clubs, and the 3 of clubs has one (of 4) corners which shows the Ace of Hearts….You can pick up a trick deck like this at your nearest magic shop (do those still exist?) or online, I’m sure.

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