TikToker Keith Lee Reviewed Bojangles And People Are Mad At His Ratings

Bojangles sign

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Former MMA fighter Keith Lee has become a social media star on TikTok with his food reviews.

While everyone praises his honest reviews, his latest review has caused some controversy.

In one of his most recent videos, Lee made his way to North Carolina and tried out the popular fast-food chain Bojangles.

Lee gave Bojangles middling reviews, and people were not happy.

Here are some of the review scores of items Lee gave in the video.

French Fry: 6 1/2/ 10
Chicken Tenders: 7/10. 7.5/10 with Ranch
Biscuit: 6/10
Cajun chicken sandwich: 2/10 “this is cafeteria food at best”
Bo-Berry biscuit-9.2/10
Cinnamon Twist- 6/10

Here are the reactions to Keith Lee’s Bojangles review.

Some agree that Bojangles was overrated.

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