Top Selling Items On NFL Shop Suggest The Tim Tebow Signing May Have Been Motivated By Things Other Than Football

tim tebow jaguars tight end

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Every time I write about Tim Tebow — well, this is actually only the second time this week, thankfully — I feel obligated to include the disclaimer that I am, unfortunately, a New York Jets fan. I’ve lived through the Tim Tebow experience. And not only was the Tim Tebow experience happening, but it unfolded in tandem with the Mark Sanchez/Rex Ryan circus. As This Is Spinal Tap once put it, and I’m paraphrasing here: shit was turned up to 11.

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As a veteran of the Tim Tebow Experience, here’s what I know about it: rarely, if ever, is it motivated by what he does on the field. Tim Tebow is a brand unto himself — that’s exactly why my New York Jets traded for him. How else do you explain giving up a fourth-round and a sixth-round draft pick in exchange for a player who ultimately only threw eight passes and rushed 32 times in his one season with the team?

And based on the top five selling items on, the Jacksonville Jaguars also knew exactly what they were getting themselves into when they decided to sign the 33-year-old Tebow, who hasn’t played in the NFL in over half-a-decade, let alone at the tight end position: headlines and jersey sales.

Despite all of the hype and publicity surrounding the Jags’ signing of Tebow, his place on the team is far from guaranteed as the former Heisman Trophy-winning University of Florida quarterback is expected to be competing for a roster spot as a backup tight end. Whether Tebow makes the Jags’ final roster or not, expect the absolute spiciest of hot takes to be spewed all over the walls of the internet.

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