Tim Tebow Looks More Like A Defensive End Than A Tight End In First Videos From Jags Practice

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Let’s start here: I’m not arsed about Tim Tebow. Couldn’t care less if he’s in or out of the National Football League, if he’s playing quarterback or tight end, taking at-bats in the majors or the minors, or whether he’s a virgin or banging his model wife. In fact, the same can be said about Colin Kaepernick — so, please, miss me whatever political hot take you’re thinking about hurling my way because I simply do not care. If anything, this is more of a case of nepotism, as first-year Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer obviously has a close relationship with Tebow from their days winning National Championships at the University of Florida.

Unfortunately for me, though, a lot of people out there, on both sides of the argument, *do* seem to care, so here I am writing about 33-year-old Tim Tebow — a man who’s been out of football for six years, having last played in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2015 preseason before embarking on a career in broadcasting and minor league baseball — joining one of the league’s perenially awful franchises, the Jacksonville Jaguars, otherwise known as the New York Jets of the South (don’t worry, Jags fans, I’m a Jets fan, so we are Brothers in Pain — I’m also a Mets fan, by the way, another former home of Tebow’s).

Today was Tebow’s first official day as a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars AND as a tight end, although videos of the former Heisman Trophy winner would have you believe the #85 is trying out for defensive end instead.

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As for Tebow’s role with the team, he’s expected to compete for a roster spot as a backup tight end. The signing has certainly been a divisive one, as some reports indicate that there are those within the Jags organization that disagree with the move, even telling Urban Meyer as much.

“Within the Jaguars organization, there is definite disagreement about whether they should be signing Tebow. There are those who have gone to head coach Urban Meyer and have said, this is not a good idea, this doesn’t send the right message,” Jeff Darlington said on ESPN a couple of weeks ago.