Several People Within Jaguars Organization Have Reportedly Confronted Urban Meyer To Tell Him That Signing Tim Tebow ‘Isn’t A Good Idea’

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It seems like signing Tim Tebow is just as controversial within the Jaguars organization as it is on social media.

On Tuesday morning, ESPN NFL insider Jeff Darlington says he’s heard that there’s disagreement within the Jaguars organization about the Tebow signing and that several people on the team have reached out to Urban Meyer to tell him that bringing in Tebow “isn’t a good idea” and “sends a bad message” to others in the locker room

“Within the Jaguars organization there is definite disagreement about whether they should be signing Tebow. There are those who have gone to head coach Urban Meyer and have said, this is not a good idea, this doesn’t send the right message. Whereas Urban Meyer on the other hand is saying this is exactly the message that I want to send, this is exactly a moment that I want to set a certain culture and I believe Tebow can help do that.

Now the counter to that is that Tim Tebow’s leadership in college…he was treated very differently by his locker room than it served in the NFL. I’ve talked to dozens of players and coaches about Tebow’s leadership in the NFL, it’s not the same thing, it’s not the culture changer, it’s simply not. There’s some real dissension about this in the Jaguars organization .”

Others around the league are also questioning the Tebow signing.

NFL players Devin Bush and Dez Bryant reacted negatively to the news of Tebow getting another shot in the league after having not played since 2012.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays but it seems like a low-risk move for the Jaguars as of right now.