First Look At TIME Magazine ‘Person Of The Year’ Shortlist Includes Trump And His Nemesis

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This morning, TIME debuted their shortlist for 2017 ‘Person of the Year’. Why is this a big deal? Well, any other year it wouldn’t be but on November 24th President Trump took to Twitter and proclaimed that TIME wanted to make him ‘Person of the Year’ but that he’d turned the magazine down because they asked for a photoshoot and interview. This prompted TIME to release a statement to the effect of ‘bro, you’re drunk and we don’t want you.’

The feud prompted Twitter users to start creating their own photoshopped ‘Person of the Year’ magazine covers. You can see some excellent and straight up hilarious fake covers made by fans here.

So why is this year’s shortlist noteworthy? After all that drama TIME did add President Donald Trump to their shortlist of candidates for the 2017 Person of the Year. They also added not one but THREE (arguably 4 of you include Dreamers) of President Trump’s public enemies, people he’s attacked on Twitter either repeatedly or at the very least a handful of times. Here’s the 2017 TIME shortlist for Person of the Year:

Jeff Bezos — CEO of Amazon

The Dreamers — Undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. by their parents when they were kids

Patty Jenkins — Director of Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot

Kim Jong Un — North Korean dictator

Colin Kaepernick — Former NFL quarterback and social activist

The #MeToo Movement — movement shedding light on sexual assault and harassment

Robert Mueller — Special counsel tasked with investing Russian collusion in the Presidential election who has already brought down several close to Trump

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman — Recently consolidated power in Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump — President of the United States

Xi Jinping — President of China



If I had to pick out favorites from the list I’d say that Colin Kaepernick or The #MeToo Movement is most likely to win. In 2014, Ebola Fighters won the award and in 2011 The Protester won. So TIME is no stranger to giving the award to a movement or group of people in place of an individual. You can check out a complete list of past winners over on Wiki.

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