Tinder Coaches Are Making $1,000 A Month To Help Your Dating Profile Get Swiped Right



Is your Tinder game lacking? Are you not swimming in right swipes? Is your match list more empty than Marlins Park in August? There is the nuclear option of hiring a Tinder coach to help you get those matches you so desperately crave. Online dating and dating apps are so incredibly popular that a demand for online dating coaches has reportedly soared. And being a Tinder coach is allegedly very, very profitable.

The U.K. bidding site Bidvine recently started offering a “Professional Tinder Coach” service. According to the website, the service is intended to “help the people out there struggling to find love master the world’s most popular dating app.” Services offered include writing a bio or witty opening line, as well as taking and selecting the most effective profile pictures. You can also sign up for Tinder coaching sessions that can be as many as seven times per week.

On the site, coaches set their own prices, but they services start at a whopping $55 an hour. If you’re a modern-day Romeo, maybe this could be your money-making side hustle. However, to become a Bidvine Tinder coach, applicants must have more than 250 matches in the last 12 months and provide screenshots of conversations to prove that they have been on at least 10 dates. But the services are not only limited to Tinder, they run the gamut of dating apps and sites such as Grindr, Bumble, Happn, and Zoosk.

Some online dating coaches have their own companies that specialize in making sure that your profile gets swiped right. Blake Jamieson, author of the book “TinderHacks,” offers a Tinder profile “audit” to find what you’re doing wrong. He charges between $49 to $99 for his Tinder audits. Tripp Kramer offers a three-month program to help guys get dates charges $1,000 a month for his services. Icebrkr will help you become a Casanova by writing texts for you. The Boston-based start-up charges $25 for the first two weeks of texts and $20 a month thereafter.

However, meeting someone under the false pretenses of having someone coach or write intimate and private interactions to woo a stranger could potentially be a dangerous idea. While it may open the door to actually having a real live woman talk to you, using someone else’s words for dating probably doesn’t lead to a long-lasting and loving relationship. And if the woman finds out later they might be a smidge upset. So weigh the positives and negatives of this sort of romantic venture.