Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio Explains What To Look For When Buying Pots And Pans

Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio has built a genuine restaurant empire. When he’s not appearing on Top Chef, Tom Colicchio is running Crafted Hospitality which includes Colicchio & Sons, Craft, Craftbar, Craftsteak, wichcraft, Tom Tuesday Dinner, and Voysey’s.

I featured another video of Tom here on BroBible earlier in the week in which he explained why he likes it when customers complain at his restaurants. I put emphasis on ‘at’ there because while complaints are never good, as a restauranteur there’s nothing Tom Colicchio or his managers can do for a customer once that person gets home and calls to complain over the phone or email. Instead, when a customer complains about a meal while they’re still at the restaurant Tom or one of his employees can offer them a new dish and make things right.

Tom’s back for another video with Business Insider and this time around he’s explaining what to look for when buying pots and pans. He claims these are items which will last a lifetime if you buy good equipment, which I can’t really refute because I haven’t been alive long enough to know whether or not my pots and pans will eventually break down.

His advice is to think about pots and pans as a vessel of heat transfer. The thinner the pot/pan is the quicker that pan will cool down when you’re moving it around. This is the opposite of what you want in the kitchen, so it’s good to look for a robust material and one that maintains heat when purchasing pots and pans.

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