These Are The Top 20 Food Experiences In The World According To The Lonely Planet And #4 Is In Texas

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From the second I book a trip to a new city or country I start looking at lists of the best restaurants in the area. I can spend all day long looking at TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews while planning out the best possible meals for every day of my vacation.

Coincidentally, the second thing I do after booking a trip to a new country is to buy the Lonely Planet guide to that area. It’s a tradition I’ve had ever since I studied abroad in college and over the years I’ve built up a tiny but formidable library of Lonely Planet travel guides in my house.

If you’re not familiar with Lonely Planet they are THE AUTHORITY when it comes to writing global travel guides. And it’s not even global, they nail it stateside as well.

If you pick up the Lonely Planet guide to Florida and thumb to my hometown of Sarasota you’ll see that they recommend the Bahi Hut.

This is a bar that my grandfather used to drink at back in the 60s when a hurricane would hit Florida and they’d be forced to go stay at a hotel (the bar’s in a hotel parking lot). They’ve got a 2-drink MAXIMUM on the Mai-Tais because they’re that strong. It’s a local gem, and you won’t find it in any other guidebook than Lonely Planet.

The Lonely Planet is able to pinpoint the absolute best travel experiences in the world because they’ve got thousands of travel writers, expats, and transplants all across the globe and they’re constantly updating their guides to keep them fresh.

They’ve just released a MASSIVE list of ‘Ultimate Eats‘. It’s a list of the 500 most epic adventures for foodies across the globe and all of this info will be compiled into their latest book.

We can take a look at the top 20 items on the list but to see the other 480 foodie bucket list items I think we’ll have to buy the book.

Coming in at #4 on this list is ‘Texas Brisket’ which isn’t shocking to anyone who’s ever eaten top-notch brisket in Texas. Other items on the list are much more exotic, ranging from Bibimbap in Seoul to Peking duck in Beijing.

Here are the top 20 Food Experiences in the World according to the Lonely Planet:

1. Pintxos in San Sebastián
2. Curry laksa in Kuala Lumpur
3. Sushi in Tokyo
4. Beef brisket in Texas
5. Som tam in Bangkok
6. Smørrebrød in Copenhagen
7. Crayfish in Kaikoura
8. Bibimbap in Seoul
9. Pizza margherita in Naples
10. Dim sum in Hong Kong
11. Ceviche in Lima
12. Pastéis de nata in Lisbon
13. Oysters in Tasmania
14. Cheese in France
15. Jerk chicken in Jamaica
16. Lamb tagine in Marrakech
17. Chilli crab in Singapore
18. Moules frites in Brussels
19 Peking duck in Beijing
20. Pho along the Hau River in Vietnam

I’ve got some work to do. So far, I’ve only knocked off 3 of the top 20 items on that list. Brisket in Texas, Pastéis de nata in Lisbon, and cheese in France.

I actually came across the news of this new book thanks to Twitter where a lot of people are freaking out about this Scottish town who was named as having the ‘Best Fish and Chips’ in the world.

Fish and Chips is one of the finest dishes on the planet. I’ve eaten it in England and Ireland, but never Scotland. I’ve now made it my goal to travel to this Scottish restaurant and get down on the best there is to offer:

You can preview the Lonely Planet‘s ‘Ultimate Eats‘ book and all 500 of the foodie experiences by hitting that link and visiting their website.

They’ve set up a landing page and really cool preview for this new book.

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