Top 5 Drinking Games To Prep You For The Warmer Weather


Let’s face it, you, or someone you know, is throwing a spring party to kick-off the nicer weather. The drinks will come out, hilarity will ensue, your cousin may drink enough to reveal his drunken lazy eye.

Will you be satisfied when people become aimlessly sloppy and want to post up around a pool, or are you going to unite the party around an epic drinking game that will have you laughing at one another?

For those ready to be the life of the party, here are our top 5 drinking games to prep you for the springtime season — because it’s just the appetizer to what’s about to come this summer.


1) Dicey – The “Mario Party Of Drinking Games” is what the reviews said about Dicey and that is spot on. Dicey is basically a collection of mini-games split into four different categories: Green cards are Group Play cards where everyone plays the mini-game together, Orange is Face-Off which is a one on one competition between players, Yellow is Rule cards which are variations in the game that last a full turn, and watch out, Purple is Wildcard which is Dicey’s most absurd and laugh-out-loud funny games.

For real… Check out one of their “Blowfish Roulette” Wildcards on their Instagram if you don’t believe us (! We picked Dicey as our Number 1 Drinking Game not only because of their hilarious and original gameplay, but also because of the unique playability the mini-games bring to a pre-game situation. It was really nice to be able to have people at the party seamlessly bounce in and out of the game without interrupting the flow of the game and without forcing everyone at the party to play. It is a great value add to any party/pre-game scenario.

2) Truth or Drink – Everyone knows how to play Truth or Dare. Truth or Drink keeps the party interesting with five decks of cards totaling 432 questions. The different decks of cards allow you to play with different audiences, ranging from “Happy Hour” (nice, safe for work, uplifting questions) to “Extra Dirty” (definitely not safe for work.) With a little something for everyone, we know you can’t go wrong bringing Truth or Drink to the Party!

3) Drink-A-Palooza – Quarters, Pong, Flip Cup, Kings… How about uniting all of your favorite college drinking games in one place!? Drink-a-Palooza is known as the ultimate party board game for a reason. This super hybrid will bring back all of the nostalgic (or current) memories from college game night, and add in a few twists to create unforgettable memories with intense competitive play! Small enough to play on a kitchen table, fun enough to enjoy forever!

4) Fear Pong – We all love beer pong. Now imagine one of the world’s most popular drinking games with dare cards under each cup! The cards have two dares each. If you refuse both dares, you drink the cup. Do a dare and your cup survives. These dares can turn a lazy party night into an absolute outrageous pandemonium! We’ve never laughed so hard while playing beer pong. This is the perfect addition to every party!

5) QB54 –  Football fans in your fam’? QB54 may be the perfect game to get a little tipsy playing. QB54 is actually built into two camping chairs and played similarly to cornhole. Score points by making completions, touchdowns, interceptions and extra points! The first team to 54 points is crowned the winner. Although this game doesn’t technically need to be played with booze… we think it is way better with it. Nothing like some rum punch or boozy seltzer mixed with throwing Hail Mary’s some buddies outdoors!

Honorable Mentions

These aren’t games, per-se, but they may keep your party rocking! These two honorable mentions are as unique as they come and we have tested them personally. They are both hilarious and we haven’t seen anything like them before. Keep it up Big Beertha and Muff Waders!

1) The Big Beertha -The Big Beertha is another sports-related item like QB54, but this one is strictly for chugging PBR’s after sinking birdies! Since chugging beers on the golf course are generally frowned upon, Big Beertha’s come with a custom-designed club head so you can discreetly store your favorite new chugging device in your golf bag without looking like an alcoholic. Big Beertha is the perfect gift for a golfer you know that identifies more like “John Daly” and less of a “Tiger Woods”.

2) Muff Waders -Possibly the most utility value for any article of clothing ever created! One pair of Muff Waders has a built-in bottle opener, a magnetic koozie holder for your open beverage, a range of concealed pockets, deep side pockets large enough to fit a bottle of wine, and a 6 PACK INSULATED COOLER right on the vest!!! The overalls are tough enough for any outdoor activity, farm job, or party. One pair of Muff Waders allows its owner to become a walking farmland bartender. We all know someone who needs a pair of Muff Waders.

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