There Are Now More Millionaires In The World Than Ever, And America Has More Than Any Other Country

There are now more millionaires in the world than ever before, and America has more millionaires than any other country on the planet. The total combined wealth of the world’s millionaires has reached an unimaginable figure of $63.5 TRILLION according to a new report by Capgemini published on Business Insider.

How many millionaires are there in America? A literal shit ton. Seriously. I looked up the definition of ‘shit ton’ in the dictionary and it said ‘the current number of millionaires in America’. You don’t need to double check this work, I promise that’s what it says.

But if we want to talk figures, there are now 4.8 MILLION millionaires in America, up from 4.46 million millionaires last year. Worldwide, 1.15 million people became millionaires last year, and the total number of millionaires rose to 16.5 million people. Here’s how Capgemini defined ‘millionaire’ for the purpose of this study: “Capgemini defines as those with investable assets of $1 million or more, excluding the primary residence, collectibles and consumables.”

The top 5 countries with the most millionaires, in order from most to least, include the United States, Japan, Germany, China, and France. France unseated Great Britain for the 5th spot this year, and the top 5 countries account for over two-thirds of the total number of millionaires in the world.

The current population of the United States (2017) is estimated to be 325,024,255 people. With 4.8 millionaires in America that still means the wealth distribution is pretty fucking heavy at the top. When you look at it that way…4.8 million out of 325 million…Suddenly I don’t feel so fucking poor for not having a million bucks to invest in my bank account. (h/t Business Insider)