Tracy Morgan Just Had A Characteristically Insane Interview On The Today Show

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Full interview here.

First and foremost, that Muhammed Ali mural behind Tracy is awesome. Super cool. If anyone knows how I can get something like that done for under $200, please DM me.

Second, this interview was about as down-the-middle as a Tracy Morgan interview gets. Twitter is shouting because apparently some people have never heard of Tracy Morgan, still. You’ve got people turning the interview into a political lightning rod, people saying he’s not funny nor has he ever been funny, people saying “this is not the time to make jokes about the virus.”

I had hoped that this moment in time might allow people to take a breath from their daily woke-waging and refocus their energy on things like planting a garden or facetiming a grandparent. Silly me! Getting unnecessarily angry isn’t a 9-5 job; it’s a lifestyle.

More interestingly, some people were surprised by this interview, which is surprising itself. When you ask Tracy Morgan to come on your show for an interview, you can expect a few things: 1) he’s going to talk about getting his wife pregnant a lot, and 2) he’s going to say some outlandish shit about animals. Those are his calling cards. He’s been doing this for 13 years. You can’t be surprised if the bull gives you the horns when you made the decision to get in the ring.

This was one of the first videos I ever watched on EBaumsworld:

That was the first time I ever heard him do the “somebody gonna get pregnant” bit. Has he worn it out in the 13 years since? Yeah, maybe. But I probably watched that 2007 interview 20 times. He set the precedent for comedians to fuck with local morning news shows, and we’ve seen offspring from this from Mark Normand, Sam Morrill, and many others:

In any case, it’s probably a B to B+ interview as far as Tracy Morgan goes. The roleplaying joke was the highlight, but otherwise, it was kinda old hat. Granted it’s a lot harder to be funny in a Zoom interview where you have to wait for people to finish talking completely before you can react.