Here’s The Trailer For Nic Cage’s New Movie Where He’s A Truffle Farmer Trying To Save His Kidnapped Pig

  • The trailer for Pig just dropped and it stars Nic Cage as a truffle farmer
  • Pigs were historically integral in foraging for truffles and in the Oregon wildnerness Nic Cage lives wit his truffle pig until it goes missing
  • The Nic Cage must return to the big city and confront his checkered past on a quest to save his kidnapped companion
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Nic Cage has quite a few films on the horizon right now. In one of the films, he’s even playing a weird real-life version of himself alongside Tiffany Haddish, Pedro Pascal, and Neil Patrick Harris. But after the trailer for Pig just dropped I’m more excited for that film than anything else he has in the works.

The premise is as far out there as Nic Cage is in real life. In the film, he’s a truffle farmer living in the Oregon wilderness with his pig companion who helps him forage for truffles. His pig is kidnapped and he must return to Portland, face his past, and save the day.

The full trailer hit the Internet on Thursday and it’s just outlandish enough to work. It’s almost as if the motives matter but not the premise. He’s out for revenge and to save his best bro. But they layered in his ability to survive in the wilderness which requires a unique set of skills and this film really should be incredible. Check it out on Twitter or YouTube, whichever you’d prefer:


For what it’s worth, people don’t really use pigs at all to find truffles anymore. They are very good at finding truffles but their instinct is to eat them. Dogs are easy to train to find truffles and it’s also easy to train dogs not to eat them.

Will I spend $20 on a ticket to see Nic Cage in Pig at the theaters? That’s highly unlikely. But I might shell out some money to watch this OnDemand. After that, I’ll watch it anytime it comes on FXX. That’s a guarantee.

Pig has a release date of July 16, 2021. The rest of the cast includes a lot of actors you’ll recognize but might not be able to name. That’s what IMDB’s for anyway. Now go forth into the world and share the news of this glorious forthcoming Nic Cage film.