WATCH: Anti-Masker Goes Full ‘Braveheart,’ Delivers Fiery Speech On A Table Of Fleeces At Costco

Anti-mask covid truther gives speech on table at Costco.

Getty Image / Thomas De Wever

There is a reason that social media exists – it provides a platform for your wine Aunt Susan to belch conspiracy theories about germophobic American politicians making pee-pee tapes in Russia and where your drunk Uncle Tom can spread QAnon propaganda. The beauty of people spouting their unsubstantiated bulldust on social media is that you can effortlessly scroll right past their cockeyed hogwash, or even better – you can “mute” them and never see one more post about lizard people in the Illuminati.

However, when tin foil hat-wearing individuals spew conspiracy theories they found off Reddit, such as Finland doesn’t actually exist, then it becomes a problem because you can’t simply scroll past the loud codswallop. That was the cursed experience that Costco shoppers were saddled with this week.

We take you to Tustin, California, where one spirited fellow decided to make the clothing section of his local Costco as the public square where he would deliver an obstreperous speech about coronavirus. The man climbed on top of a display table hawking garments such as fleeces and jeans. Truly believing that he is Mel Gibson’s William Wallace character from Braveheart, the man attempted to lead the rebellion against face masks and COVID-19 restrictions.

“We have got to stand up for ourselves,” the man preached through his megaphone. “It’s a beautiful day outside and what are we doing, covering up with our masks?”

“If masks really work, why is this still a problem? Because the masks don’t do anything,” he postulated. “It’s just the flu—we’ve already been exposed to it folks.”

“We were told that 2.5 million people were going to die,” the man stated. “But do you know that 2.5 million people haven’t died in the world? And there are 7.5 billion people on this planet.”

The gentleman was referencing a report published by the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team in May, that forecast as many as 2.2 million Americans could die from COVID-19 if no precautions were taken.

The man took aim at Gavin Newsom and attacked the California governor’s restrictive coronavirus lockdown, which struck a chord with one lady who gave the boisterous haranguer a fist bump. We’ll get this social distancing down one year.

Imagine you just want to purchase your Kirkland Signature Seasoned Rotisserie Chicken, brownie brittle, and your $1.50 hot dog, and you are subjected to being screamed at by someone standing on a pile of Columbia fleeces? But at $14.99, that is a great price for a Columbia fleece. I’d rather listen to the sales pitch of the vendor hawking gutters inside Costco with a tiny house where he pours water down a roof.