Twitter Account That Posted NSFW Video Ted Cruz Liked Sells Merch With Slogans Like ‘MasturbaTED’

by 9 months ago

Ted Cruz garnered much unwanted attention after his Twitter account liked an adult video late Monday night and he took a pounding. On Tuesday morning, Senator Cruz tried to get ahold of his situation and blamed the Twitter porn controversy on a “staffing issue.” And that unfortunate wording did not exactly quash porngate and basically had this effect.

Not exactly the damage control one wants during a scandalous controversy. Cruz added, β€œIt appears that someone inadvertently hit the like button. When we discovered the post, which was I guess an hour or two later, we pulled it down.” I bet you pulled it down. While the exposure from the touchy subject hasn’t been welcome by the Cruz camp, the social media boner has been embraced by Cory Chase, the pornographic actress seen in the NSFW clip. The video in question was from an account with the sweet Twitter name of “Sexuall Posts.” They have taken advantage of the Cruz and have started selling Cruz-based t-shirts. The shirts have certainly come in handy for the porn site and are trying to raise some funds instead of pants. The Twitter account has started selling cheeky Cruz-themed merch including shirts and mugs that have clever sayings such as “MasturbaTED,” “MasterDebater,” and “Ted’s Right Hand Man.”

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Carpe diem.


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