Twitter Launched A New Prototype App Called ‘twttr’ And The Internet Has So Many Questions, And Jokes

Twitter Launched A New Prototype App Called twttr - Reactions


At the moment I am writing this, Facebook has been down for almost three hours. (Perhaps Elizabeth Warren got her wish.) So it would be the perfect time for other social media platforms, like, say, Twitter to swoop in with some good news, right?

Yeah, well, that would assume that the people who run Twitter actually gave a flip about what its users actually need and/or want.

Case in point… Twitter just launched a new prototype application called “twttr.” (Try typing that out with any speed.)

This new “twttr” (the original project code name for the service that became Twitter) is supposedly designed to be “easier to read, understand, and join conversations.”

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, says he is using it.

According to TechCrunch

…the new twttr app will focus on testing new designs for conversations. As the company demonstrated at CES, the prototype app will show a different format for replies, where conversations themselves have a more rounded chat-like shape and are indented so they’re easier to follow. Engagements, sharing options and other tweet details are hidden from view in order to simplify reading through longer threads.

And, most notably, the different types of replies are color-coded to designate those from the original poster as well as those Twitter users you personally follow. This is meant to offer better visual cues to readers who are trying to follow a lengthier thread where, often, side conversations take place, or the original poster jumps in to clarify things or respond to individual tweets.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is also using it.

#LetsHaveAConvo, you say, huh, Biz? Be careful what you ask for, because, well, this is Twitter after all.

How about you, Jack? You want to talk?

How about whoever runs Twitter’s, uh, Twitter account? Convo?

Solid discussion so far!


Still want to talk, Twitter people?

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