Local News Anchor Stages A Bedroom To Look Like A Teen Does Drugs And The Internet Had A Field Day

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pixabay / Brent Barnett

  • Local news segments have been scaring parents into thinking their kids are doing drugs for as long as local news has existed, and that trend will continue forever
  • A St. Louis local news anchor tweeted about ‘signs’ parents can look for to identify if their kids are doing drugs except the room looks completely staged
  • Twitter has been having a field day with the original tweet and ‘Mile 420’ is even trending with everyone making jokes about it
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Every day on Twitter there’s a ‘main character’. There are thousands and thousands of jokes about this. If you are lucky, you’ll never become the main character on Twitter because being that person means millions of people are roasting you.

Today’s main character is a local new anchor from KMOV in St. Louis who fired off a tweet about how parents can identify if their teens are doing drugs by looking for ‘signs’. This is a segment that’s been done countless times on the news. South Park even did a parody on it years ago with ‘cheesing’ where the kids were huffing drugs from the butts of cats.

Would it be helpful for parents to identify if their teens are doing drugs? Sure. Parents have every right to know what their kids are up to. But instead of using an actual bedroom or any real ‘signs’ the tweet included a picture of the most staged bedroom you’ll ever see. There’s even a ‘Mile 420’ sign.

You can see office blinds to the right of the fake bed. The linoleum of an office building on the ground. You have to wonder if anyone’s ever even seen a bedroom before. It’s all laughably bad but the replies are spectacular. So buckle up and enjoy

It’s nice to see everyone on Twitter having fun again instead of blocking and reporting each other all day every day because everything sucks. People are laughing about drugs again. Nature is healing.

Imagine working for a mainstream media organization and thinking that anyone alive hasn’t at least heard mention of ‘420’ before. 100 out of 100 Americans polled will know what 420 is about.

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