Twitter Users Are Totally Abusing The New 280-Character Expansion, Here Are The Best Tweets To Prove It


On Tuesday, Twitter doubled the number of characters users can include in a tweet from 140 to 280. The expanded feature has only been rolled out to some users at the moment, and was implemented after Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey said the 140 limit was an arbitrary choice based on the 160 character SMS limit. If you want to be one of the cool kids who gets to tweet 280 characters, follow this link for a hack that will allow you to do so you damn POSER.

As one may expect with any new feature a popular social media network implements, there is going to be faux outrage over it. Remember when Facebook rolled out the News Feed and everyone cried ‘invasion of privacy,’ now it’s weird if we don’t know exactly what Aunt Trischa is making for dinner every night. People reject change, and then get comfortable with the new normal. But, in the meantime, lets let the bitch and moan stage set in. Here are the greatest tweets surrounding Twitter’s new 280 character feature.

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