UFC Ring Girl Carly Baker’s Latest Bathing Suit Photo Goes Viral

Carly Baker ring girl

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UFC ring girl Carly Baker is turning heads on social media.

The British Baker, who works as a qualified personal trainer while away from the Octagon, spoke with Coach Mag about her love for staying fit.

Via Coach Web

“Fitness is my biggest passion so I hit the gym four or five days a week – six if I can. As a qualified personal trainer I know what I’m doing and though I love cardio, I also do a lot of resistance training.

“You don’t see many women hitting the weights, but they’re amazing for building functional strength and burning fat. I like switching up sessions every time but the common theme is going hard and getting my heart rate up.”

According to Baker, all the UFC ring girls love training on their time off.

“We all love training, which is good because we have to be in great shape. If I had to single any girls out I would say me and the two Brazilians, Jhenny Andrade and Camila Oliveira – we all do Muay Thai conditioning.”

Baker is always in shape which she proved in her latest bathing suit snap that went viral on Twitter.

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