Deep Water Jellyfish Looks Like A UFO And Now I’m Convinced It’s An Alien

UFO jellyfish


Researchers with the Okeanos Explorer have been conducting research off of American Samoa for quite some time as part of a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) research study. They’ve found some of the most fascinating creatures you could ever imagine.

We’ve only explored the tiniest fraction of oceans on planet earth and research projects like this one with the Okeanos Explorer often turn up alien-like creatures. This video is actually from mid-2017 but for whatever reason, it’s making the rounds again and I figured since it’s awesome and the jellyfish is straight out of another planet then I should share it with you bros today:

If you want to learn more about this UFO jellyfish from 2017 you can click here to visit Azula.

Is this confirmation that aliens exist? I don’t see why not. A few months ago we saw the story that a retired Air Force colonel claims two of his men were abducted by aliens in 1980. Before that, a former Navy pilot claimed he saw aliens off the coast of California and there’s even some wild ass footage of that encounter.

So why shouldn’t we believe that this out-of-this-world footage of the jellyfish UFO figure is proof that aliens already exist on planet earth but they’re hiding out in the deep sea water? Is it really that hard to believe that aliens would hide in our oceans, our unexplored oceans, if they were already on earth?

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