Ukrainian Soldiers Who Told A Russian Warship To Go F Itself Are Reportedly ‘Alive And Well’

Ukrainian Snake Island Soldiers Are Reportedly 'Alive And Well'

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  • A viral video from Ukraine showed soldiers on Snake Island telling a Russian warship to F themselves.
  • Original reports indicated that the 13 men had died heroically following an attack.
  • However, new information from the Ukrainian navy indicates that they are actually “alive and well.”

Last week, as Russia’s abhorrent invasion of Ukraine began, a video clip of Ukrainian soldiers on what’s known as “Snake Island” telling Russian soldiers on a warship to “go f–k themselves” went massively viral as it exemplified and epitomized the bravery being displayed by all of those currently fighting for their freedom in the Eastern European nation.

While it was originally reported that the Snake Island soldiers were killed following their heroic defiance — “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said later on Thursday that 13 soldiers on Snake Island all died ‘heroically’ by Russian bombardment,” according to CNN — the Ukrainian Navy has since confirmed that their countrymen are actually “alive and well.”

After the Ukrainian border guard said that it had information disputing the deaths – a statement on Monday from the country’s navy suggested this was certainly not the case.

According to the navy the soldiers on the island repelled two attacks by Russian forces but in the end were forced to surrender “due to the lack of ammunition.” The statement added that Russian attackers have completely destroyed the island’s infrastructure, including lighthouses, towers and antennas. [via CNN]


Located about 30 miles off the southern coast of Ukraine in the Black Sea, Snake Island is just 46 acres in size. Despite its relatively minuscule size, though, “a report last year from the non-partisan Atlantic Council think tank called it ‘key to Ukraine’s maritime territorial claims’ in the Black Sea,” says CNN.

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