‘It’s A Utah Thing’ Trends After Locals Reveal They’re Eating The Grossest Foods On The Planet

Utah pickle and cranberry pie reactions disgust memes

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  • A Salt Lake City news station tweeted out a picture of the worst pie ever created with the caption ‘It’s A Utah Thing’
  • This led to a Twitter thread of locals sharing the truly disgusting things they’re eating out in Utah
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I love Utah. It’s one of the most gorgeous places on the entire planet and I say that as someone who has traveled extensively. I’m so into Utah that I was actually checking Zillow last week to look at houses and what the market is like out there (spoiler alert: the inventory of SLC houses is awful right now).

But after seeing this viral Twitter thread below of all the hot garbage that everyone in Utah is eating I’m second-guessing just how great Utah is after all. And now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve never had a really good meal in Utah. The food has always been fine but never great or exceptional.

I scrolled past our old colleague Tim Ryan sharing this Twitter thread and it stopped me in my tracks. The people of Utah are not okay if these are the things they’re eating out there. The responses to this tweet are mind-blowing.

There’s a video about it too:

Cranberry and Pickle Pie: Reactions, Memes, And Shock

Did they say ‘Funeral Potatoes’ and Jell-O with carrots is a Utah thing????

And the reactions to the things people are eating in Utah are spectacular.

I’m an adventurous eater. I’ve eaten rattlesnake tacos, fried crickets, pig’s brain, rotten and fermented shark in Iceland, but even I have my limits. This is my limit. Cranberry and Pickle Pie should not exist.

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