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Meet The Monkeys – The Story Behind Victory Brewing Company’s Cultural Phenomenon Of Belgian-Style Craft Beers

Meet The Monkeys - The Story Behind Victory Brewing Company's Cultural Phenomenon Of Belgian-Style Craft Beers

In 25 years of operation, Victory Brewing Company has made quite a name for itself in the craft brewing world. By driving innovation to serve full-flavored beers with every pint, Victory has created a slew of award-winning brands that includes Prima Pils, DirtWolf, and Storm King.

But in the recent decade, it’s more likely you recognize Victory Brewing Company because of the cultural phenomenon that has come with the Victory Monkeys. The Monkey Family—led by Golden Monkey and Sour Monkey which are respectively the #1 and #2 Belgian Ales in the Country—offers high-quality, Belgian-style beers that bring everyone together for a fun drinking experience.

Created as a way for one of Victory’s Co-Founders to celebrate the birth of his third child, Golden Monkey was a Belgian-style tripel first released by the craft brewery in 1999. By 2010, it was their best-selling beer. Made with premium quality, all-European ingredients, it’s a great-tasting beer that’ll have you acting like a monkey before too long. With the Monkey Family having since expanded, there’s a Monkey for you and the whole troop to enjoy!

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Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet, founders of Victory Brewing Company, took some time out of their day to join our guys on the Endless Hustle Podcast. Watch below to see them share more on Golden Monkey’s origin story, as well as some of the memorable stories that have come from loyal fans.

“My wife and I took our honeymoon in Belgium and we fell in love with the Tripel style, particularly Brugge Tripel,” Victory Brewing Co-Founder Ron Barchet explains to Arthur Kade on Endless Hustle. “And when we came home we wanted to remember Bruges with a bottle of that. It just so happened that when we had our first child—we did all of our children, all four of them, at home—but with our first child at home, we had a very successful birth and popped open that bottle we had saved from Bruges. And so fast forward another year or couple years and child two, we had another bottle of this Brugge Tripel. But by the time our third one came around, that brewery had actually closed. It was being made, at that point, by another brewery. Since we had a brewery at that point, I convinced Bill that we should make some sort of Belgian Tripel because I needed one for the birth of my third kid. So eventually we got around to making that beer.”


As you’d expect from the fun characters sprawled across their packaging, the Victory Monkeys are truly the life of the party. And with a premium 9.5% beer that doesn’t feel like 9.5% when you’re sipping it, the legend of the Golden Monkey was born.


Meet The Monkeys

Victory Brewing Company Monkeys

Take a walk on the tangy side with a tastefully tart Sour Monkey, a 9.5% abv Sour Tripel offering fruity notes from imported Belgian yeast. With a swirling citrusy, lemon bit and delectable experience at the ready, it’s no wonder Sour Monkey has become a fan favorite.

You’ve heard the legends, now meet the most curious and popular of all the Victory Monkeys. Golden Monkey is Belgian-style Tripel crafted with imported malts, Belgian yeast, and a mix of magical spices, ending with a dry finish. A 9.5% abv beer that doesn’t feel like 9.5%, its mystical flavors will enlighten your senses.


No need to go bananas yet. But for any fans curious about what Victory Brewing Company has in store for the Monkeys, Bill and Ron gave us a sneak preview of what lies in the near future!

“I can tell you that there’s gonna be some interesting news on the Monkey front coming at the end of the first or beginning of the second quarter next year,” Ron shares without giving away too much. “Suffice to say, it’ll fit right within the profile of 9.5% bottle of fun.”


About Victory Brewing Company

Growing up like most others, Bill and Ron realized they had a passion for alcohol, beer in particular. But only after Ron gifted Bill a home brewing kit did they realize their passion could be a career. Following travels abroad and years of training, they opened their own craft brewery. And the Victory Brewing Company story began!


Victory Brewing Company circular logo

In the 25 years since opening, Victory has served full-flavored, innovative beers in each delicious pint. They’ve become one of the most decorated craft breweries thanks to award-winning brands such as Prima Pils, DirtWolf, Storm King, and Golden Monkey. And they continue to drive innovation and change through ingenuity in brewing, steadfast commitment to the community, and forward-thinking initiatives.

But that’s not all Victory Brewing Company is known for. Time and time again, Bill and Ron emphasize how the drinking experience is rooted in connectivity. To elevate that social experience, Victory has created a vibrant culture across its taproom locations. Check them out in Chester County, PA including the flagship location in Downingtown; Charlotte, NC; and most recently Center City, Philadelphia. If you thought the Victory Monkeys were good at home, wait until you have them in a Victory taproom!

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