Video Showing The Shocking Differences Between ‘Natural’ Vs Fake Versions Of Things Goes Viral

man looking magnifying glass real vs fake viral video


A video showing the shocking differences between “real” or “natural” things vs. fake versions of them is going viral on the internet with almost 900,000 views.

The reason for that is because it is quite an eye-opening look at how we can be fooled by two things that look identical yet are, in reality, very different.

The video, tweeted out by Daily Loud on Monday, originated with the popular YouTube channel 5-Minute Crafts and was posted to Instagram this past December.

The items being compared include…

• Natural vs. non-natural caviar
• Soda with sugar vs. without
• Fresh fish vs. rotten fish
• Fertilized eggs vs. non-fertilized
• Natural milk vs. non-natural milk
• Real diamonds vs. fake
• Face cream vs. SPF spray vs. SPF cream
• Expensive face mask vs. cheap face mask
• Natural honey vs. non-natural honey
• Real milk curdles vs. fake
• Real rice vs. fake
• Real watermelons vs. fake
• Natural pills vs. synthetic
• Natural olive oil vs. non-natural olive oil
• Carbonation in a plastic bottles vs. glass bottles
• Real cheese vs. fake
• Real mineral water vs. fake
• Real ice cream vs. fake
• Real matcha vs. fake
• Real chocolate vs. fake
• Real saffron vs. fake

Yes, there are some very odd choices there, but the comparisons are still pretty fascinating.

As are the accompanying comments, both on Twitter as well as Instagram.

“Ok but what do you mean by real and fake milk?” another viewer echoed.

“I’m so glad I saw this I’ve been worrying for so long about how to see if I’m being scammed when I buy caviar,” someone else commented.

“Pro tip the rotten fish will also smell like rotten fish. That’s how they figured it out in ancient times,” another wrote.

Mostly, people just wanted to know, “What is non natural milk exactly?”

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