Amazing Twitter Thread Blows Up With Dozens Of Regular Folks’ Awkward And Interesting Celebrity Encounters

Viral Twitter Thread Reveals Dozens Of Amazing Celebrity Encounters

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If we took a poll of everyone in America, my guess is that a majority of people have at one time or another had an encounter with someone they would consider to be a celebrity.

Personally, off the top of my head, I can remember randomly running into famous people like Julius Erving, Franco Harris, Lute Olsen, Matt Ryan, and Joe Dimaggio. (Yes, I met The Yankee Clipper. I was a busboy at a hotel restaurant in high school and had to deliver him room service. This was shortly before he died. He was not a very nice person.)

Most of those celebrity encounters didn’t really warranted a story other than to tell my friends and family that I briefly met those people, but quite often when folks have a random encounter with a celebrity there is a story to tell. So when Twitterer @yusufyuie asked his followers to share their most awkward or interesting celebrity interaction, he was flooded with responses.

We already covered the tale of Phil Mickelson once trying to get a helicopter to pick him up while he was stuck in traffic after a Guns N’ Roses concert, which Phil himself confirmed, but that was just one of literally dozens of hilarious, awkward and amazing stories people had to share.

For example, @BENBALLER shared one about the King of Pop, “When I met Michael Jackson to discuss making him a 50 carat MJ broach and he only spoke to his manager to talk to me for 30 minutes while we sat at the same table and I could clearly hear him. His manager actually reiterated all MJ’s words to me.”

That sounds 100 percent believable.

Not all the tales are glamorous. In fact, most of them are similar to his weird encounter @SebastianYJ had with Mike Posner.

“Mine’s still Mike Posner takin’ a piss next to me via middle urinal when I’m on the far right and far left was wide open,” he wrote.

Some highlights…

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