You Can Now Buy A Bus From ‘The Walking Dead’ And Turn It Into The Ultimate Zombie Party Bus

by 6 months ago

OK, this is a great little business idea.

Over on the Austin, Texas Craigslist, someone is selling a bus that was allegedly used in the filming of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Don’t ask me what season, I’ve only watched like one season of the show. But it’s a badass, post-apocalyptic looking bus that runs on CNG (eco-friendly natural gas). Apparently it was used as a shuttle for Six Flags before being zomb-ified for The Walking Dead. 

Just off the set of ‘Walking Dead’. Zombie handprints down the side!! 2000 Eldorado metro bus. Runs off C&G (eco friendly). 38 x 8. Runs great, was previously a shuttle bus for six flags, very few highway miles. Would make a killer party bus for fans. Must go ASAP. BEST OFFER WITH CASH IN HAND WALKS WITH TITLE

If I lived in Texas, I’d buy this in an instant and make it a party bus for my friends. Imagine rolling up to a stadium or concert in this thing. it’d be BADASS. Or imagine having this bus as a centerpiece to a bar? That’s the Jon Taffer dream, baby.

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