Want A Rolex? With A Watch Gang Subscription, You Automatically Have A Chance To Win One EVERY WEEK

Brought to you in partnership with Watch Gang

If there’s one style accessory that really makes a man feel good about himself, it’s a watch. When you’re younger, you might wear some plastic one with your favorite sports team on it. As you get older, though, and you begin to see some success, you start rotating between different styles, with a Rolex usually being the brand that most people strive for one day. Well, why not make that day be today?

Watch Gang, a monthly subscription for watch lovers who desire the most top line, luxury brand watches, wants to help you get that Rolex you’ve long desired by simply subscribing to its program. No, really, it’s that easy, so don’t over-think this, guys, it’s all right at your fingertips.


Since Watch Gang cares about how a man looks, they have multiple giveaways each week, hooking up a lucky subscriber with a Rolex every week during their live shows on Facebook. That’s basically highway robbery, and all it takes is signing up in order to have a chance at scoring yours.

Best part about all this? Even if you don’t end up with a Rolex, you still get the incredible perks of being a Watch Gang subscriber, with the subscription watch service hooking it up when it comes to the most luxury timepieces. To be eligible for the Rolex, you need to have at least the basic subscription, “Original Tier,” which starts at just $29.99. Considering you’re getting watches up to $150, that seems like a pretty solid deal. But if you don’t want to pay for the subscription, just signing up as a member is completely free.

Here’s how it all works.

  1. Show Watch Gang What You Want. Gold? Leather? Choose a few watches you like to help Watch Gang find a timepiece you’ll fall in love with.
  2. Watch Gang Sends You Your Watch. Watch Gang ships a brand new watch retailing at up to 5x your subscription fee. Guaranteed.
  3. Expand Your Taste And Get Some Perks. Access exclusive deals, trades and sales in the private community. The best way to discover even more amazing timepieces.
  4. Automatically Be Entered Into Watch Gang’s Weekly Giveaways. Every week, you’ll be automatically entered for the chance to win a Rolex, TAG Heuer and Seiko. Watch Gang hosts a giveaway almost every day for subscribers!

If that seems like a hell of a lot for simply signing up with Watch Gang, you’re not wrong. It’s one thing to get hooked up with the top watches on the market, it’s a complete boss move to get all the other stuff like exclusive deals and giveaway opportunities.


There’s nothing more timeless than a Rolex watch, so go ahead and feel like a badass by flashing the one you might just win in Watch Gang‘s weekly giveaway. And, remember, Watch Gang offers a free membership giving you access to their 30,000+ member watch exchange and direct partnership deals from brands like Citizen, Boldr and Seiko. So, while you won’t have the chance to win the Rolex, you’ll still have the chance snag some incredible timepieces.


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