‘Wedding Crashers 2’ Was SUPPOSED To Begin Filming This Month But Owen Wilson Screwed It All Up

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I, like most sane people in this country, love Owen Wilson. I imagine the Venn Diagram of the people who don’t like Owen Wilson, people who don’t like dogs, and the people who don’t like pizza is a circle. But I also have limits, and breaking Rule No. 1 — never leave a fellow crasher behind — is certainly something that pushes those limits.

Earlier this summer, I brought you the news that a Wedding Crashers sequel was officially in the works and way eyeing an August production. At the time, that was true — a Weddding Crashers sequel *was* close to crossing the finish line, although reports now indicate production was set to begin this month, September. Nevertheless, it was happening.

But now, according to a report from Puck News, despite having “nearly-done deals for the stars” and planing on getting the cameras rolling on a sequel “this month”, the plans fell apart at the one-yard-line as Owen Wilson instead committed to Disney’s Haunted Mansion. 

Warner Bros. execs worked hard to reunite director David Dobkin with Wilson and Vince Vaughn, as well as Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher, and figure out a script that made sense in the #MeToo era. Wilson and Vaughn would make $10 million each, with Dobkin also cashing in.

Production was set to begin in Georgia and Puerto Rico, and some cast and key crew had begun looking for housing. Then, right before the final script came in, Jim Berkus at UTA informed everyone that Wilson had instead decided to sign on to Disney’s Haunted Mansion reboot, which starts shooting in October. Wilson didn’t breach any contracts. [via Puck News]

According to reports, while hope for a sequel isn’t entirely dead, Wilson will likely go into filming season two of the hit Disney+ Marvel series Loki once he wraps production on Haunted Mansion (which also stars Lakeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish), meaning it’ll be some time until a potential Wedding Crashers could even film. This, of course, isn’t even counting the difficulty of getting the schedules of the rest of the cast to align. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Instead of ending this article on such a negative note, though, let’s end with my favorite scene from the instant-classic original. Vince Vaughn at his peak.

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