When Will Marijuana Be Legalized? This Study Says It Could Be Just Around The Corner

when will marijuana be legalized


Weed. Pot. The Devil’s Lettuce. Big pillows.

Marijuana has been given many names over the years, and while Reefer Madness might have consumed America in the midst of the past century, it’s safe to say the drug’s stigma is slowly going away.

Canada just became the second country in the world to legalize weed and has already seen its supply run low thanks to hordes of people who could not wait to get their hands on the sticky icky.

While America may be lagging behind a bit, support for marijuana is currently at an all-time high and a couple of states are poised to legalize it when the midterm elections roll around in a couple of weeks.

While the White House claims they’ll be taking a closer look at the status of the drug in the upcoming months, anyone who’s paid at least a little bit of attention to politics in the past two years knows the White House has more mood swings than an overly emotional teenager watching The O.C. 

As a result, there’s really no telling what the fuck is going to happen.

With that said, legalization appears to be inevitable at this point and it’s really just only a matter of time until federal law catches up with reality.

However, exactly how much time is that going to take? One study claims to have the answer.

According to Marijuana Moment, a group of researchers at the University of Colorado (of course) teamed up with the Santa Fe Institute to take a look at current trends to predict when weed will be legalized.

As the article notes, the study’s methodology is a bit complex but after examining trends on a state level with two different types of analysis they made the following conclusion:

Both models showed a strong likelihood of federal marijuana legalization “by the end of 2022,” though. The probability that it would happen after 2028 is lower than 30 percent.

2022 needs to hurry its ass up.

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