This Website Asking People To Pay 99 Cents To See Who Else Paid 99 Cents Is Goddamn Ingenious

Who Paid 99 Cents Website


There is a website on the net,, that asks people to pay 99 cents to see who else has paid 99 cents. That’s the whole purpose of the site. Seriously. That’s all there is to it. And people are doing it. Because people are idiots.

I can’t even call it a scam. Because the name of the freaking site is!

If you pay this website 99 cents, you are literally scamming yourself.

That’s the entire site.

Amanda Luz Henning Santiago of Mashable actually spent 99 cents, because her company obviously has money to burn, to see what would happen.

Any guesses?

Yep, she got to see who else paid 99 cents.

The best part might be that after you pay your 99 cents the site asks you if you want to do it again!

According to the creators of the site, Thinko, LLC, they did it as a gag, BUT, they also say they are planning to make more sites like this.

“We’ve built a buncha (sic) serious products with heavy duty tech in the past, but the thing that tickles us most is using computers to do funny things,” wrote Thinko employee Pasquale D’Silva via email. “I think a lot of people would agree that most of the internet sucks right now… or it’s too serious. We’re firm believers that the antidote is making better, funny internet. We pretty much build anything that makes us laugh.”

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So… does this website remind you of anything?

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