Here’s The Reason Why Your Donut Box Is Always Pink, And It’s A Story About The American Dream

I don’t eat a lot of donuts. In fact, I really only ever eat donuts when someone brings them into the office. But, I’ve eaten enough doughnuts in my lifetime and have been in enough doughnut bakeries to know that most of the boxes donuts are served in are pink. This isn’t (always) true at Dunkin Donuts, but if you go to pretty much any other donut shop in the nation you’ll be served your donuts in a pink box. Why is that? It all started with one man.

Ted Ngoy was a Cambodian refugee who moved to California in the 1970’s to live out the American Dream. Ted started with one donut shop, and that was so successful he opened another. Before too long, Ted Ngoy had built an empire of doughnut shops in California and became known as the Donut King. Ted sponsored other refugees and brought them to America, taught them the donut business, and those immigrants went on to open up their own donut shops. Ted Ngoy served all of his donuts in a pink box so the people he trained who opened up their own donut shops copied him.

Before long, every shop in California was serving their donuts in a pink box. And because Hollywood is in California, almost all of the donuts seen on TV and in the Movies were served in the iconic pink boxes. It all started with one man…and now you know the history.

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