Why The Winnebago e-RV Electric Camper Van Concept Is Actually Awesome Despite Its Short Battery Range

Winnebago e-RV

Winnebago Industries

  • Earlier this week Winnebago presented the e-RV concept at the Florida RV Super Show
  • The Winnebago e-RV is one of the first all-electric motorhomes to be revealed
  • This news comes as car companies compete to offer comprehensive lineups of electric vehicles

Earlier this week, Winnebago presented the Winnebago e-RV, an all-electric motorhome concept at the Florida RV Super Show in Tampa. The e-RV was headed by their Advanced Technology Group (ATG), which aimed to create “a fully functional, all-electric concept vehicle that redefines efficiency, comfort and functionality for an RV.”

Healthy competition spurs innovation, and so it’s exciting to finally see an all-electric RV concept. While there’s no price or official production announced to this vehicle, there’s still a ton to learn about this stellar announcement.

Winnebago e-RV Power and Battery Life

The e-RV is built on a Ford Transit chassis and features an electrical power system from Lightning e Motors that powers the entire vehicle—including the drivetrain. The current battery technology is capped at an 86-kWh (industry standard) with a range of 125 miles while powering the onboard instruments. Charging time takes around 45-minutes at high-current stations.

Winnebago e-RV

Winnebago Industries

It’s worth pointing out the battery range is on the lower side, but for those who make weekend trips or trips no longer than 200 miles the e-RV will perform flawlessly.

A Number of Awesome Features

Simply put, this bad boy is loaded with a number of great features. Wireless connectivity is pumped through the motorhome through a residential-grade WiFi network that’s capable of high data streaming. The galley includes amenities like a marine-grade refrigerator, an induction cooktop, and a bathroom that includes a detachable handheld showerhead.

Winnebago e-RV

Winnebago Industries

Perhaps our favorite feature is the fact the tech system can be controlled via tablet or smartphone. This means everything from the subsystem and audio to digital displays can be controlled seamlessly through your devices.

Built for Going Off the Grid

A 125 battery range may be a qualm for some campers, but the reality is it doesn’t take much to get off the proverbial “beaten path” these days. Winnebago e-RV is also capable of being charged into shore power at campgrounds and at an owner’s home if you find yourself away from a high-current station.

The significance of the e-RV concept is the growing population of individuals will soon have a way to comfortably immerse themselves in the natural world without leaving a carbon footprint.

That’s not to knock traditional camping, but how could you resist a weekend in the woods while also having full-streaming wifi?

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