21-Year-Old Woman Killed By Shark Attack While Vacationing In The Bahamas

Sharks have killed a Southern California woman Jordan Lindsey who was vacationing in the Bahamas.

iStockphoto / Divepic

A 21-year-old woman has been killed in the Bahamas after she was attacked by sharks. The American tourist from Torrance, California, passed away after the lethal shark attack.

Jordan Lindsey went to near Rose Island in the Bahamas on Wednesday with her parents and other family members. While she visited the Caribbean island, Jordan went on a boat tour to see wild pigs and to go snorkeling. Around 2 PM, she was swimming and snorkeling when she was attacked by several sharks.

Sharks swam towards the 21-year-old woman. Her parents and family members tried to warn Jordan about the sharks, but it was too late. Officials said Lindsey suffered shark bite wounds on her arms, legs and buttocks. Reports also say that her right arm was severed from the shark attack.

Lindsey was pronounced dead at the Doctor’s Hospital in Nassau, but it was not clear if Jordan died at the beach or on the way to the emergency room.

The family has started a GoFundMe page to try to raise money for Jordan Lindsey’s funeral and to have her body transported back to the United States. At the time of publication, the GoFundMe has raised $19,890 of their goal of $25,000.

“Jordan had the most beautiful, gentle soul and she will be missed deeply,” the GoFundMe states.

Jordan was a student at the Loyola Marymount University, where she was a communication studies major.

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The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation sent their “deepest sympathies” to the family in a statement. Officials are still investigating the shark attack death and issued “precautionary advisories to the public.”

The State Department confirmed the death of the American tourist: “We can confirm a U.S. citizen in the Bahamas succumbed to her injuries following a shark attack on June 26.”

In 2018, there were 66 unprovoked shark attacks reported around the world, down from 88 shark attacks in 2017, according to the Florida Museum which tracks shark attacks. There were only four people killed in 2018.


Between 2008 and 2016, there were 27 shark attacks in the Bahamas and only one was fatal, which happened in 2006.

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