Woman Wins Lottery 30 Times In One Day After Having Hunch About Winning Numbers

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These lottery stories remind me that I have a hard time accepting good things happening to strangers. It’s a character flaw and I’m working on it.

Today, I managed to muster up a “good for her” through clenched teeth after learning that a Virginia woman essentially won the lottery 30 different times in one day.

Deborah Brown of Richmond said she continued seeing the numbers “1-0-3-1” throughout the day and decided to stop at a gas station to buy 20 of the $1 Pick 4 tickets on February 11. She had a sneaky suspicious these recurring numbers were a sign and went back to purchase 10 more tickets with the same number combination.

Low and behold, the winning numbers ended up being 1-0-3-1 and Deborah Brown was instantly $150,000 richer.

“I nearly had a heart attack,” Brown said, according to a statement from Virginia Lottery.

The Pick 4 top prize for $1 play is $5,000, and Brown hammering down the same number for 30 tickets proved to be extremely lucrative. Lottery officials claim that the odds of guessing all four numbers in sequence is 1-in-10,000.

As for her winnings, Brown isn’t settled on what she wants to spend the windfall on.

“Ms. Brown said she has no immediate plans for her winnings, but she’s considering some home renovation,” a lottery spokesperson said.

This story makes me feel slightly less shitty than the one last week when the unemployed man won $273 million thanks to a Good Samaritan who saved his ass when he left his tickets at the convenient store counter.

My time’s comin’.

[h/t WCVB Boston]

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