Women On Twitter Are Shooting Their Shots With Their Crushes And Men Don’t Know How To Deal

by 1 year ago


As men, for generations, we’ve shouldered the burden of always making the first move. In all likelihood your grandfather shot his shot with your grandmother, your father mustered up the balls to approach your mother, and then there’s you–staring at your potential wife from across the bar trying to pound enough brews to find that fine line between liquid confidence and drooling down your chin. We’ve all stepped up to bat, many times just hoping not to get hit by a pitch. Who knows what that does to a man’s confidence over time. CONSIDER THAT FEMINISTS!

Well, that responsibility has shifted a bit, if only for a moment. Twitter user @Oloni urged her female following to take the initiative to reach out to their crushes and ask them out on a date.

Lets just say, most men aren’t prepared for this uncharacteristic forwardness.