This New Photo Of Wonder Woman Holding Severed Heads In The Crimean War(!) Is Absolutely Gnarly

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I’ve got some breaking news for you, folks: Zack Snyder, like all creators, is not perfect. But similar to Mac in It’s Always Sunny, Snyder usually is going for gasps. Sometimes it works (Dawn of the Dead, 300) and sometimes it doesn’t (Batman v. Superman, although I still think that movie is better than its public perception). But, let me tell ya, this recently released photo of Wonder Woman casually clutching the severed heads of her enemies in the Crimean War is absolutely gnarly.

THIS was the type of Diana Prince that I loved in Wonder Woman and was hoping to see in its ultimately ill-fated sequel. Gal Gadot’s stunning beauty and Diana’s graceful power juxtaposed against the raw disgustingness of the front lines of war is what made the character’s innate heroicness so appealing. Instead, in Wonder Woman 1984, she was relegated to wishing upon a star (okay, an ancient cursed artifact, same difference) for her dead boyfriend to return.

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Fans of this badass version of Wonder Woman may get to see her return in a couple of months when she features in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which is set to hit HBO Max in May. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how Wonder Woman is deployed in The Snyder Cut, as Joss Whedon largely relegated her to serve as eye candy in his original, monstrous theatrical version. With rumors that The Snyder Cut will feature an all-out war against Darkseid’s army, hopefully, we get the sword-swingin’ Wonder Woman we’ve all be hoping to see.

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