The World’s Smallest Hotel Costs $75/Night And You Check In At A Nearby Cave

by 2 years ago
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The world’s smallest hotel is a hollowed out Volkswagen Beetle and it can be found in Shoubak, Jordan. For just $75 a night you can stay in the world’s smallest hotel but you’ll have to check in at the so-called ‘lobby’ which is located inside of a nearby cave.

If you were to look up the Guinness World Record for the ‘world’s smallest hotel’ you’d find that Eh’hausl hotel in Germany holds the honor. That hotel measures in at just 173 square feet. However, the Volkswagen Beetle hotel ran by Mohammed Al-Malahim is significantly smaller and it has been open to travelers/guests since 2011, so methinks that the Guinness World Records need to rethink their award.

The inside of the world’s smallest hotel is adorned with comfortable hand-sewn sheets and pillows, and the car itself sits on top of a rock pile. There are actually quite a few photographs of this ‘hotel’ on Instagram which leads me to believe that it’s an incredibly popular stopover in Jordan for travelers. It was also recently featured in the Daily Mail.

Al-Malahim, the owner, cooks meals for his guests and leaves them with souvenirs. And the hotel itself overlooks stunning desert vistas. I’m not staking the claim that this is a ‘must do’ if you’re ever in Jordan but if you like to get off the beaten path then this does sound like a pretty legit traveling experience. You can find a bunch of pictures of this ‘hotel’ over on the Daily Mail if you’re interested.

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