Old School Wrestling Fans Stunned By The Surreal Sight Of Two Legends On ‘Judge Steve Harvey’

Wrestling Fans Stunned By Two Legends On Judge Steve Harvey'Show


  • Wrestling fans were shocked to see two legends on Judge Steve Harvey.
  • Not only were these two former wrestling stars on the show, they were facing off against one another.
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Old school wrestling fans couldnโ€™t believe their eyes when two legends of the business showed up and were pitted against one another on Judge Steve Harvey.

In other related news, Steve Harvey is now a judge apparently. Is there anything that man cannot do?

The last time many wrestling fans saw J.J. Dillon and Kevin Sullivan square off was on WCW Monday Nitro.

This week, however, J.J. Dillon (real name Jim Morrison) met Kevin Sullivan in the courtroom of one Judge Harvey.

The dispute between the two pro wrestling legends apparently stemmed from Dillon claiming that Sullivan owed him $7,500 for a boat loan.

In the end, His Honor awarded the money to Dillon.

Judge Harvey gave quite a speech when delivering his verdict

โ€œI rule in favor of the plaintiff for $7,500,โ€ said the judge. โ€œBut because of what you gentlemen have maintained for over 40 years, because of your friendship and love for one another, because you share a bond โ€” youโ€™ve given folks hours of priceless entertainment.

โ€œI canโ€™t tell you how much wrestling been in my life, man,โ€ Harvey continued.

โ€œOn behalf of this court, even though we awarded you the $7,500, the court is going to pay the $7,500. You will get your money in full. And I want to thank the both of you for coming in here and for being honorable men. And for loving and defending your friendship no matter what.

โ€œBecause thereโ€™s an organization that says friendship is essential to the soul. And, oh, my God, you can live your life without your mother, you can live your life without your brother, but you canโ€™t live in this world without a friend. You must have a friend.โ€

Itโ€™s okay if you tear up watching this.

Many wrestling fans, while they may not have shed a tear, were more than a little shocked to see J.J. Dillion and Kevin Sullivan in front of Judge Harvey.

The Iron Sheik approves.

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