Zack Snyder On Whether Our Real World Needs Batman Or Superman More

batman v superman

Warner Bros.

Heroism comes in all shapes and sizes. From a random act of kindness to a monthly donation to charity. From charging into a burning building to wrestling a gun away from an active shooter. All of us, you and I included, have the capacity to be a hero.

Despite this, though, our world seems to be more lacking of heroes than ever, particularly when it comes to the sort of icon that the masses can place their faith in. Forget about superheroes — our world could use more regular heroes. If superheroes did exist, though, which would be more useful right now, in the year 2021: Batman or Superman?

During our exclusive interview with Zack Snyder, the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice director discussed which iconic hero our real-world — a world much different than the one we lived in when BvS first hit theaters — could use more of these days:

Well, I’m going to say probably Superman, only because Batman — I think on an individual psychological level, we probably need a little more Batman in the sense that the world’s a scary place and Batman is unafraid to go out into the world and confront that darkness. But I do think that from a purely confidence and a way-of-living in uncertain times, Batman represents a proactive approach to the world. But the reason I say Superman is because I believe that Superman, he does have — his moral code is very strong and he puts it first and he’s willing to sacrifice himself and/or his comfort for his loved ones. And I’m not saying Batman wouldn’t do that, but Batman is more of a loner, you know, in that way.

Make sure to check out our full 30-minute interview with Zack Snyder on the Post-Credit Podcast when it releases on Friday, May 14 — the same day Army of the Dead hits theaters before it streams on Netflix beginning on May 21.

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