Zayn Malik Confirms Urban Legend That Taylor Swift Travels In A Suitcase And People Have Questions

Zayn Malik Taylor Swift Travels Suitcase

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Zayn Malik, who is friends with Taylor Swift, appears to have confirmed the urban legend that Swift hid in a suitcase in 2017 to avoid the paparazzi.

You remember that story, right? There was about a year or so where Taylor Swift was pretty much invisible to the public, beginning in the fall of 2016 right around the time she and Tom Hiddleston broke up – something I wish never would have happened.

And since no one had seen nor heard from Swift in months, when photos of two of Taylor Swift’s bodyguards lugging a heavy suitcase from her building, and Splash News captioned the photos saying she was inside the piece of luggage, people lost their minds.

Of course, Swift being Swift, she made Splash News take down the caption and apologize, because that’s what she does, but the urban legend never went away.

Fast forward 16 months and now the bizarre theory appears to actually be true…?!

At least if you believe One Directioner Zayn Malik, who in a new interview with Vogue revealed…

He seems more like an undergrad than an internationally swooned-over famous person. Though his small talk is a giveaway. “She was travelling around in a suitcase,” he says, eyes agog, of his pal Taylor Swift’s ability to avoid the paparazzi.

Needless to say, this quote raised more than a few eyebrows and led to some very solid questions and comments…

Our apologies, Charles.


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