10 Incredible Online Features For ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

GTA V is looking to make a name for itself as one of the most ambitious games of all time. And from the looks of things yesterday, it’s definitely headed in the right direction. GTA Online will allow up to 16 players to play together, and if that wasn’t enough, let’s run down the Top 10 Incredible Online Features for GTA V:

10. Character Customization

GTA IV’s online component was majorly lacking in the ability to customize and individualize your character, and GTA V is making up for it. The trailer revealed that you can now play as a woman, which will clearly make for some interesting gameplay. Aside from that, you can customize down to the smallest details on your character – do you prefer dark brown cornrows or an auburn ponytail? You can even express yourself through your character a little by being able to purchase new clothes. Other customization features include selecting what weapons you want and even which car you want to ride around it. GTA Online even gives you the ability to purchase other cars as well.

9. Sports

In an effort to offer GTA gamers the maximum amount of freedom, Rockstar is serving us up with some nonviolent options for when we want to take a break from blowing up sh*t, damaging property or simply tearing the world to pieces. No one could have expected GTA Online to allow us to go base jumping together, play a game of tennis or arm wrestle. This little extra adds a lot to GTA Online and I’m guessing it could apply to the game’s other sports like golf and cycling.

8. It Can Be Consistently Accessed

GTA V’s online features are very much their own beast, which exists in the aesthetic of Los Santos. It’s definitely separate from the story and characters of the single-player game; however Rockstar is making it clear that gamers can consistently flip between the two. Players can access their ‘fourth character’ by way of the switch wheel – by swapping to your created online character it triggers online mode. The seamless access is important because a lot of games feature multiplayer options which become frustrating and clunky. As long as Rockstar keeps the transition smooth, the experience will be great.

7. Forming A Crew

Rockstar originated the crew system in their multiplayer campaign for Max Payne 3 and was so successful it’s allowing gamers to import their crews from that game into GTA Online. You can be part of a private crew, which is just you and your friends or a public crew, where anyone can join in. Here’s the interesting part – though the game can only handle 16 players at once, forming a crew can extend far beyond that amount. Crews can plan and pull off heists in banks or other venues, or you can rob a liquor store as well as many other tasks. Gang-banging the liquor store with a crew of 8 guys kind of sounds like a good time. And imagine the possibilities if one of you decides to double-cross the other?

6. Property

GTA IV omitted purchasing property, which was a popular feature in Vice City and San Andreas, but Rockstar heard your cries and brought it back for GTA V. You can not only purchase through a single-player campaign, but also through GTA Online. From mansions to insane amounts of fancy cars or even a jet, the opportunities are endless. As we’ve seen in prior screenshots of the game, there’s a lot of water action happening in GTA V, which also includes a precarious yacht hanging out in the water and we’re all still wondering if you can buy it, live on it or what exactly it's doing there. It’ll be interesting to see what Rockstar has in store for us.

5. Deathmatches

Deathmatches are back, as they should be, because they’re classic. In GTA V, players will be able to customize their own deathmatch in more advanced ways than before. Also with the slicker control scheme, it’ll make for some of the most versatile combat available. The footage in the trailers shows a game ending with an entire team being obliterated after a slow, yet gradual battle, but hopefully we’ll be offered a faster-paced deathmatch too.

4. Races

GTA V is not only offering you the competitive aspect of racing, but they’re giving you more options than just cars. Flying a plane through checkpoints or tearing up the water on a jet ski is also available in GTA V. The motivation to win these races will increase if there are some stat-based advantages available, or even if you can win money or race for pink slips. 

3. Social Experience

GTA IV oozed murder and mayhem, so it’s only natural that Rockstar make GTA V have a more social experience, where killing and robbing aren’t all that’s happening. You can now just hang out and enjoy some virtual company as well. The trailer shows a character walking into their apartment with a number of friends in the room and although it could just be a meeting point before a mission, it is a cool little feature that lets you feel more involved.

2. An Evolving World

Rockstar made it very clear in this new trailer that GTA Online was not only going to be persistent, but also evolving and growing. Gamers are hopeful that the evolution per say will come by way of free downloads that simply add more features like city expansions, islands, buildings and more cars and weapons. Rockstar wants to keep a stronghold on this world, so by giving players free options, that will help preserve the life and prevent second-hand sales.

1. Content Creator

If having a Content Creator in GTA Online doesn’t prove just how extensive it’s going to be, I don’t know what will. With the creation tools, you’ll be able to design racing and deathmatch maps which you can later upload and share with your friends or the entire community. We all know just how crazy and insane gaming mods can be, now imagine what players will come up with a few days into using the Content Creator. This makes the game’s online offering all the more ridiculous and awesome. When you think about the endless possibilities of this, it might make the single-player campaign come in second best to GTA Online.

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