5 Best Comedy Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


Podcasts are like coffee, once it’s a part of your daily life, it’s impossible to quit. If you’re a podcast listener, you’re always looking for a new show, so I thought I’d recommend some comedy podcasts you should be listening to. Some you may have heard of and some you may have not.

5. Your Mom’s House with Christina Pazsitky and Tom Segura – I’ll admit, I haven’t had a chance to listen to as many episodes of Your Mom’s House as the other podcasts in my list, but the ones I have listened to have been a delight. Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are married comics that have a great back-and-forth banter that you’d imagine two married comedians to have. They also sprinkle in some audio clips and bad songs that they poke fun of during the show. This clip features guest Yoshi Obayashi explaining his accidental marijuana consumption.

4. Comedy Bang Bang – Host Scott Aukerman talks to comedians each week along with interesting characters that stop by the Earwolf studio. The best way I can describe this podcast is that it’s as if Saturday Night Live and Tim and Eric had a baby in audio form. There’s new and reoccurring characters on the show that have moments, and certain lines that will leave you bursting out in laughter when you least expect it. What makes the show even more amazing is that it’s all improvised on the spot. Here is Paul F. Tomkins giving a Yelp review for a hotel as one his reoccurring characters, Werner Herzog.

3. You Made It Weird – Pete Holmes is a comedian who has long sit down interviews with other comedians and interesting people.  Holmes offers a lot of laughs, but it also delves into some deep issues of life. Each guest has a unique personality and offers listeners a unique perspective on life. Overall, it’s a very fun podcast to listen to and it often contains at least a couple of very funny personal stories from the guest or Holmes himself. Here is a short clip featuring Jessica St. Clair that gives you an idea of some of the unordinary questions Holmes asks his guests.

2. The Adam Carolla Show – Adam Carolla might be the sharpest comedian on the planet. He is able to do a full 90-minute show five times a week with completely new material, despite having a host other podcasts, being a bestselling author, and filming a TV show on Spike called To Catch a Contractor. Carolla hilariously points out the flaws in our increasingly narcissistic society and it often leaves you questioning humanity in general. Some of the best bits on the show are the ones that require Carolla to think on his feet.  For example, in a segment called “made up movie,” people call into the show and give title suggestions for a movie.  Within minutes, Carolla will have conjured up a hilarious yet somewhat plausible film. Here’s a clip of him doing just that.

1. Uhh Yeah DudeUhh Yeah Dude is a bit of a different format than the other podcasts in this list. Accurately self-described as America through the eyes of two American Americans, Uhh Yeah Dude is just two hilarious guys (that you’d have a great time talking to at a party), pointing out the offbeat events taking place in America. Unlike a lot of other podcasts, Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette don’t have guests and don’t have any sound effects or drops. You’re just listening in on a conversation between two guys trying to get through this crazy world like everybody else. Here’s a clip back from 2009 doing what they do best, making fun of parents and pedophiles.

With comedy podcasts, you don’t have to watch 5 seasons on Netflix just to catch up. So jump in and check them out. It’s the best way to commute.