Watch 50 Cent Confront Strangers Who Think He’s ‘Washed Up’ In Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Video

During Wednesday’s press conference Conor McGregor called Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent “fake money bitches.” Fiddy hasn’t dealt with McGregor yet, but he is confronting his detractors in a hilarious segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The late night host had an interviewer ask unsuspecting passerbys on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles their opinion on 50 Cent. The interviewer told pedestrians that a magazine named 50 Cent the greatest rapper of all-time. That statement caused many to knock the rapper and when they did 50 Cent sneakily emerge from a door to accost the people face-to-face.

“Disagree entirely… Kendrick Lamar is,” one person responded to the notion that 50 Cent is the greatest rapper right now. Then 50 Cent is right in his face to dispute the stranger. One woman agreed that 50 is washed up and his best days are behind him only to have the “washed up” rapper inches from her face.

There was one super fan of Fiddy who said, “He’s the best rapper of all-time.” Then 50 jumped out of the hidden room and hugged the fan and said, “That’s right—don’t let them trick you!”

A weird thing happened during Jimmy Kimmel’s little social experiment. When 50 Cent is standing right next to them, all of the people who seconds ago were trashing Fiddy are suddenly huge fans of Fiddy. Weird how that works right?

Here’s 50 Cent talking about taking his grandma to strip clubs.