Aaron Paul Drove the Fastest Time in a Reasonably Priced Car on ‘Top Gear,’ Because Aaron Paul is a God


It’s kind of the dream interview considering the circumstances: Aaron Paul, whose Need for Speed premieres next week, showed up on Britain’s Top Gear to talk with the irascible Jeremy Clarkson, a Breaking Bad fan. Jesse Pinkman is told by Clarkson that his daughter loved him on BB. Paul responds, “I love your daughter;” Clarkson: “No, you don’t.”

Anyway, if you’ve ever seen Top Gear—or if you’ve unwisely just watched the unnecessary and kind of terrible History Channel adaptation—you know that each guest is coached on driving a “reasonably priced car” along an outdoor track, then will drive a timed lap against other celebrities.

Paul may have had the advantage of recently filming a movie all about fast cars. But regardless, his lap destroys James Blunt and the other pretenders. Aaron Paul tha bro king.

[Via Reddit]