Everyone Calm The Fuck Down, Akon Is Not Crowdsurfing In A Bubble Because Of Ebola

So there’s this story going around about how Akon is being “accused of going to extreme lengths to avoid catching Ebola” by crowdsurfing in a bubble while performing in Africa. This just goes to show how dumb social media can be sometimes because of course people are all over this thing.

Here’s how the story goes, according to the Daily Mail

R&B star Akon has been accused of going to extreme lengths to avoid catching Ebola during a concert in Africa … by crowd-surfing inside a giant plastic bubble.

The ‘Locked Up’ singer climbed inside the airtight blow-up during a performance in Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, on Sunday and rolled over the crowd, pushed along by the outstretched hands of 60,000 screaming concert-goers.

But his actions prompted breathless reports from certain media outlets that, rather than just being a creative way of performing closer to his fans, it was a cynical attempt to shield himself from the deadly virus that is sweeping West Africa.

“Breathless reports from certain media outlets.” Wow. Why are they so breathless? Akon was the one rolling around in a hot bubble.

So anyway, this story, as of my writing this, has been shared over 1,100 times and has almost 300 comments. And that’s just on that one site.

How do I know all of this nonsense? A conversation I had this afternoon with fellow Bro Cass Anderson.


Akon has been crowdsurfing in a bubble since 2010. Witness…



I think you get the picture.

Now granted, if I was going to crowdsurf with a bunch of sweaty strangers touching me (and trying to finger me) I would too be in a bubble like Akon too, but not just because of Ebola.