Alfonso Ribeiro Finally Broke Out The ‘Carlton’ Dance On ‘Dancing With The Stars’



Alfonso Ribeiro Carlton’d the shit out of the Dancing with the Stars stage last night.  We asked for the Carlton dance and we finally got the Carlton dance and it was as magnificent and nostalgic and prolonged as you would hope for.

If Alfonso Ribeiro doesn’t leave this season of Dancing With the Stars with all the prizes, ABC better burn the show to the fucking ground. Burn the concept. Burn the venue. Burn the pompous, dance expert judges. Burn Tom Bergeron…set Tom Bergeron on fire. I’m not even a viewer of this show and I know that is the only recourse if Ribeiro gets shafted.

In adulthood, some things don’t live up to your memory of them as a child, but not this… not the Carlton. STILL GOT IT!



[H/T Uproxx]