Amanda Bynes’ ‘Secret Twitter Account’ Hacked By Anonymous, Several Of Her DM’s Released

Amanda Bynes Twitter hacked


Amanda Bynes’ secret Twitter account or at least her alleged secret Twitter account appears to have been hacked by people claiming to be Anonymous and it looks as if that they are leaking emails and direct messages that “Ashley Banks” aka Amanda Bynes has written.

Amanda Bynes is currently in California on a 5150 psychiatric hold so while it seems like something she might do it’s highly unlikely that is was her leaking the messages.

The tweets have since been taken down from “Ashley’s” Twitter account but this being the Internet we still have some screencaps.

Whoever posted the messages, be it Anonymous or someone else, claims that “Sherbert86” was Amanda/Ashley’s account password and revealed messages sent to All That cast members Josh Server, Danny Tamberelli, her BFF Sarah Cali Francis and her “friend/sellout” (as they call her) Ana Rivera using the hashtag #HACKED101.


Ashley Banks, Twitter


Ashley Banks, Twitter


Ashley Banks, Twitter


Ashley Banks, Twitter


Ashley Banks, Twitter


Ashley Banks, Twitter


Ashley Banks, Twitter

Between The Fappening, The Snappening, and now this the Internet is starting to become a very scary place.

Amanda Bynes image by s_bukley/Shutterstock

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